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Pick from over 10 templates to create top-notch content for all your HR needs.

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Let your brand voice shine through in all your communications. Use the right tone of voice for every occasion.

Content Analysis

Our powerful algorithm can analyze HR content with keywords such as remote, salary, or senior.


How does Flow work?

Flow is an AI-powered text generation and analysis tool: it significantly speeds up the creation of HR documents and is able to analyze text (e.g. many Job Applications) to look for keywords and see talent expectations (e.g. remote work, high salary).

Is Flow available in several languages?

Flow is available in English and Italian, and displays in your browser language by default.

Can Flow write in different tones of voice?

Yes! Flow can write in three different tones of voice: Friendly, Professional, and Surprise me! Just pick a tone of voice while creating your document in the "Editor" section and let Flow work its magic.

How does Flow analyze my surveys?

Flow uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and extract meaning from texts uploaded to the platform. NLP analyzes the structure and meaning of human language through aspects such as syntax, semantics, and morphology. In addition to this, we've included custom HR-related criteria that will help you quickly analyze the sentiment of surveys carried out in your company.

How do I contact Support?

If you're facing an issue with Flow, write to us at support@glickon.com. Make sure you also include a screenshot of the problem along with the device and browser type you were using.

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