organizational network analysis

Want to analyze formal and informal networks at work?

Glickon’s Organizational Network Analysis provides precious insights on informal and peripheral relationships in your organization.

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Analyzing relationships at work  – is it worth it?

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a quantitative and qualitative approach to understanding relationships in your organization that have an impact on people and team efficiency.

Here's what you can do by analyzing work relationships
  • Improve revenue
  • Empower your people
  • Identify informal leaders and high potentials
  • Create an informal map of relationships between employees

Why it matters for CEO, COO & CFO

Top 3 advantages for C-suite leaders who want to provide an unforgettable Employee Experience

1. Retain top talent and identify attraction factors
2. Analyze relationships at work and visualize their impacts
3. Boost revenue and efficiency by retaining top talent

What Glickon can do for you

C-suite leaders have a comprehensive view of employee engagement and productivity with Glickon’s active (ONA surveys) and passive (emails, calendar, etc.) data collection solutions.


Glickon’s ready-to-use ONA surveys let you measure the main engagement and relationship drivers by clusters.


Glickon combines survey data with your organization’s digital footprints to offer better insights into your brand attractiveness, employee engagement, organization design, and productivity. Our analytics combines people science and AI to help you set up a direct link between employees and revenue.


Gain actionable insights from the data collected to drive real improvements. As information is fed into Glickon, get a clear picture of key factors to focus on, and design better experiences to attract and retain top talent.

Understand your organization’s strategic drivers

Increase employee engagement and loyalty
Identify invisible networks and relationship
Improve efficiency and reduce redundancies at work

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Conduct surveys to get a comprehensive view of your company’s health and take concrete steps to improve your organization today

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