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The Journey of Talent: A Very Long Story

Talent is in constant evolution: it's a journey through the past, present and future. It's everything you carry within you. To extract and maximize it, it's essential to fully engage with it.

"Engagement" has ancient origins, we can say it has been present in almost every phase of humanity..

Alexander the Great: 340 BC

Alexander the Great listened, faced challenges, led, and dressed like his men, demonstrating closeness and leadership.

Bernardino Crespi: 1878

Bernardino Crespi founds his industrial village based on the concept that if people are happy, they work better.

William Kahn: 1990

William Kahn of Boston University coins the term "Employee Engagement," linking it to meaning, security, and willingness in the workplace.

Glickon Mine: 2023

At Glickon, we believe that the current historical period we're living in is the one where more than ever we can innovate and look towards the future. With this perspective in mind, we have introduced Mine, the tool that revolutionizes the way we measure employee engagement.

Mine: Your "telescope" to decipher talents as if they were stars.

The organizational population is the true value of every organization, and like stars, individuals have the potential to shine. They do so individually or, even better, by weaving connections among themselves, just as stars form numerous constellations.

It's all there, right in front of our eyes, simply by shifting our attention towards the sky above our heads.

However, without the right tool, capturing their brilliance in its entirety becomes impossible.

And this is where Mine comes into play, becoming the telescope that finally allows you to raise your gaze towards the sky and see every single star and all of its constellations.

With a clear and objective picture at your disposal, you can be certain of always making the best decisions.

Explore the past, present, and future of organizational relationships and talents, truly making every individual shine like a star in the sky of your organization.

The Formula of Gold... and Stars!

At Glickon, we believe that within every individual lies a talent, sometimes hidden like an unexplored nugget of gold - unique and precious.

  • With Mine, we extract and enhance talent by starting with data and turning it into concrete actions.
  • With Seek, we make this hidden talent visible in the application experience.
  • With Glow, we make colleagues shine within organizations.

Did you know?

According to a 2021 study by MIT conducted by Hsin-Yu Chen, it's the collisions between neutron stars that are responsible for the presence of gold on Earth!

Through retrospective collection of passive data, you can have an historical overview
Explore the past
Conduct surveys to measure the actual level of engagement and make perceptions objective
Explore the present
Obtain a forecast about the future based on the collected information and make decisions
Explore the future

Why listen to the voice of people?

Understanding the context

Actively listening to the voice of talents provides a comprehensive picture of opinions, behaviors, and trends within the organization.

Managing talent

Acquire, develop, and retain the best talents, enhancing operational efficiency, fostering innovation, increasing productivity, and gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Capturing "vital signs"

Identify "hidden" and often unexpressed information from colleagues, such as dissatisfaction and stress, and with predictive analysis, implement timely interventions.

Glickon Mine is innovative "telescope" to optimize processes and obtain valuable insights about the organizational population.

From monitoring engagement and satisfaction to workload management, Mine provides you with all the necessary tools to optimize every phase of the journey within the company. Implement targeted interventions to reduce turnover rates, train new talents, and enhance overall corporate performance.

With predictive data and artificial intelligence, Mine empowers talent throughout all stages of their company experience: from initial attraction and continuous engagement to long-term retention, in a continuous virtuous cycle.

Optimize the potential of your colleagues and cultivate a positive and successful work environment.
Talent acquisition and retention
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Key statistics


Increased productivity
(Gallup, "State of the Global Workplace")


Level of satisfaction
(Deloitte, "Global Human Capital Trends")


Increase in talent retention
(Harvard Business Review)
The voice of customers
Chief People Officer
Major Italian retail company with 200+ employees
People enjoy personalization in everything, so why not do it in businesses too? Let's envision HR as architects capable of creating new spaces where people can connect and let their talents shine.

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