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A unified view of the company's population through People Analytics

Talent Intelligence is the process of collecting, analyzing, and using data to understand and manage people within an organization. It provides in-depth insights into individual performance, team relationships, talent attractiveness, workload planning, and, overall, allows for a 360° understanding of people.

How does Glickon's Talent Intelligence assist HR and leaders in making informed and objective decisions about talent?
Uncover the potential of candidates and surpass the traditional Experience
Mine Attraction
Boost engagement and loyalty, achieve a comprehensive view of engaement
Mine Engagement
Everything at a glance with a comprehensive overview of organizational networks 
Organization Overview

Mine: a unified platform for a 360° perspective on employee feedback

Through technology, Glickon creates Talent Intelligence tools that streamline processes, monitor and listen to the voice of each talent, objectify management perceptions, and promote a new data-driven culture within organizations. 

By leveraging data and analyzing the voice of talents, it is possible to monitor participation rates and trends over time. This information enables the identification of areas for improvement and optimization of talent management strategies to align HR initiatives with business objectives. 

You can quickly identify specific areas where things are going really well or falling apart at a glance.

Direct Experience Data

Mine is Glickon's platform that leverages the potential of direct data (surveys) to enhance and monitor critical aspects related to your workforce and people experience. It addresses colleagues' engagement needs, turnover, and challenges that significantly impact business performance.

Indirect Experience Data

The platform provides managers with insights into digital interactions (connections to systems) to address colleagues' engagement needs, operational efficiency, work sustainability, turnover, and many other challenges related to their teams that significantly impact business performance.

The Alliance with AI

The platform also leverages a set of integrated solutions with proprietary Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Advanced Statistics, and ONA technologies. Download our infographic "AI for HR Tech" here and discover how to make the most of it.

Data is what makes talent visible and distinguishable, objectifying what is normally only imaginable.

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Informal leadership

Your goals. Your data.

Work experience feedback

Continuously listen and enhance the experiences of every colleague, both in the office and remotely. Gather internal feedback promptly and take action before any issues become ingrained in the company culture.

Platform and Insights

The platform enables autonomous administration and distribution of surveys to talents, offering real-time visualization of results, analyses, and insights. Glickon is an integrated platform with 170+ HR platforms (ATS and HCM). 

Planning and reporting

Glickon combines survey data with digital footprint from organizations to provide insights into attraction factors, engagement, and productivity. Our AI-based analyses can help you establish a clear connection between people experience and revenue.

Beyond data to impact

Transform talent data into real improvements with pathways designed to guide actions. You can identify key factors to focus on, enabling the development of better experiences throughout the entire colleague journey. 

Key statistics you should know


Time taken by HR
(Glassdoor, 2017)


Employee satisfaction
(Deloitte, 2021)


Team productivity
(Gallup, 2022)
The voice of leadership
Elena Maria Cavalli
‍@ A
CFO & HR Director
People are as important as the economy. The difference is made with talent and service, and behind the service, there is always the organization. Sometimes what limits business is precisely the relational aspect; people have many values, but without connections, the spark cannot ignite.

Glickon White Paper: Uncover the Relationship between Employee Experience and Revenue

High turnover risk in high-performing teams, low trust in leadership, and financial performance. Discover the relationship between Employee Experience and company value in our research.

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