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90,000 hours – That’s roughly how long we spend working in our lifetime

Glickon’s journey began in 2014 when we asked ourselves a simple question: How can we improve the job search experience for everyone involved?

We truly believe there’s a bit of gold within all of us, unique to each one of us. It may be small, hidden, or even unrecognizable, but it’s there. So we got to work and found a way to unearth that bit of gold! The result was Seek, a simple and engaging solution that helps companies find those little bits of gold in people during their hiring processes.

We then realized we could do more than just find gold within people: we were able to design tools to recognise, manage, and analyze talent to make people shine! Our AI-powered solution Flow helps HR professionals work smart and fast, helping them create engaging and targeted texts in minutes.

With Glow, companies can help talents grow and find their purpose. Our People Analytics solution provides engaging onboarding, training, wellbeing, and organizational sentiment and network analysis paths, tailor-made just to your context.

Why are we doing this? To improve profits? Sure. To capitalize on talent? Of course. At a time when work can be undervalued, exploited, and taken for granted, Glickon hopes to place people and talent at the forefront of the job market. If we work better, we live better, and are able to help others work better too. Maybe then, the 90,000 hours we spend at work, we’ll spend them well.

Work better, Live better.

Our golden formula

Glickon’s combination of sustainability and artificial intelligence help companies get more done with minimum effort, simplify complex operations, make processes seamless, and obtain effective results.

What’s more? You also save precious time for other activities.

We’re here to help you find gold that’s already available, that’s just out of sight. With a little help from Glickon, your company can extract and make the most of this gold!

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