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The main challenges for companies in the Energy, Gas, and Oil sectors in 2023

This sector is characterized by great operational and technological complexity, with the need to manage highly specialized and skilled talents. Analyzing and listening to employees allows companies to map engagement levels, identify key factors, and unlock the potential of different teams.

Here are some of the key HR challenges for the Energy, Gas, and Oil industry:
  • Attracting and retaining talent: In the energy sector, competition for talent can be fierce. Finding and retaining qualified and talented professionals can be challenging, given the highly competitive environment. The challenge lies in creating an employer branding that meets expectations and provides opportunities for internal growth and skill development.
  • Managing people in a global environment: Many companies in this sector deal with talents from diverse cultures and backgrounds. It becomes necessary to truly listen to their voices in order to analyze data and harness the full potential of present and future colleagues.
  • Sustainability and energy transition: This industry is undergoing a transition towards more sustainable and clean energy sources. This entails the need to acquire new skills and adapt to new technologies in the renewable energy sector. The challenge lies in managing the change by providing proper training to enable talents to adapt to new business models.
Attracting talent and improving employer branding
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Enhancing talent engagement and reducing turnover
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Objectifying management perceptions
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Transforming data into concrete actions

Through technology, Glickon creates Talent Intelligence tools that can simplify processes, monitor and listen to the voice of every talent, objectify management perceptions, and promote a new data-driven culture within organizations.

Direct data

Specific feedback can be collected, and the real collaboration network can be captured through surveys, engagement surveys, and Organizational Network Analysis.

Indirect data

Corporate communication can be tracked both internally and externally by connecting Glickon to communication and collaboration tools (email, calendars, chats, etc.).

Predictive data

By leveraging the collected data, it is possible to evaluate organizational risk scenarios and predict phenomena such as turnover, attraction, or attrition.

Why Energy and Gas companies choose us to revolutionize HR processes

Monitoring and evaluating team efficiency
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Developing concrete actions based on people and data
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Identifying and predicting risk turnover factors
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What Glickon does for you

Glickon collects information both directly (ONA surveys) and indirectly (emails, calendars, etc.) to provide leaders with a comprehensive view of colleague and candidate engagement, as well as productivity.

Surveys & Indirect Data

Glickon's ready-to-use ONA surveys allow measuring the key drivers of engagement and relationship for specific clusters within the organization.

Platform and Insights

The platform allows for administering talent surveys autonomously and provides real-time results, analysis, and insights. Glickon is an integrated platform compatible with 170+ HR platforms (ATS and HCM).

Analysis and Reporting

Glickon combines survey data with digital traces from organizations to provide insights on attraction levers, engagement, and productivity. Our AI-based analysis can help establish a clear link between employees and revenue.

Concrete Actions

Transform human resources data into tangible improvements through designed paths to guide actions. You will be able to identify key factors to focus on, in order to develop better experiences throughout the entire talent journey.

Key statistics


Cost reduction in hiring
(Deloitte, 'HR Technology Disruption')


Increase in hiring effectiveness
(Talent Board, 'The CX Report')


Increase in talent retention
(Harvard Business Review)
The voice of CUSTOMERS
Salvatore Caligiuri @ Acea
Talent Acquisition
Thanks to the use of Glickon, we were able to analyze the skills we were looking for in a large number of candidates in a quick and engaging manner, allowing us to speed up the selection process.

Glickon White Paper: Uncover the Relationship between Employee Experience and Revenue

High turnover risk in high-performing teams, low trust in leadership, and financial performance. Discover the relationship between Employee Experience and company value in our research.

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