operating model network analysis

Explore organizational networks and collaboration networks

Identify informal or emotional leaders in the organization, measure functional collaboration, and take action to influence performance

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Create an informal map of relationships among employees

Correlation analysis between business metrics, information on people talent, and team organization enable the identification of variables that have the greatest impact on results and build a new collaboration network based on collaboration, effectiveness, and trust.
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Listen to people's indirect signals and act
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An OmNA analysis with Glickon

Connect, collect, analyze data and make informed decisions about talent.

Direct experience data

Leverage the potential of direct data (surveys) to improve and monitor critical aspects related to workloads or the level of collaboration among teams. Respond to needs for colleague engagement, turnover, and challenges that significantly impact business performance.

Indirect experience data

The platform provides managers with insights into digital interactions (connections to systems) to address operational efficiency, work sustainability and turnover needs.

AI and real-time analytics

You can conduct real-time analytics with AI and make decisions about people and the best organizational setup.

What if key people in your organization are thinking about finding a new job?

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Your goals. Your data.

Feedback on work experience

Constantly listen to and improve each colleague's experience both in the office and remotely. Receive every internal opinion within the organization in a timely manner and take action before certain issues become part of the corporate culture.

Platform and Insights

The platform enables the independent administration of surveys targeting talents to be hired, the stages of the candidate experience, and the real-time viewing of results, analysis, and insights. Glickon is an integrated platform compatible with 170+ HR platforms (ATS and HCM).

Planning and Reporting

Glickon combines survey data with organizations' digital footprints to provide insights into levers of attraction, engagement, and productivity. Our AI-based analytics can help you make a clear link between people experience and revenue.

Beyond data for immediate impact

Turn talent data into real improvements with pathways designed to drive action. You'll be able to see which key factors to focus on so you can develop better experiences throughout the entire talent experience.

Key statistics you should know


Time taken by HR
(Glassdoor, 2017)


Colleague satisfaction
(Deloitte, 2021)


Team productivity
(Gallup, 2022)
The voice of leadership
Elena Maria Cavalli
@ Aurobindo Pharma USA
CFO e HR Director
People are as important as the economy is. The difference is made by talent and service, and behind the service is always the organization. Sometimes what limits the business is really the relational aspect, people have so many values but without interconnections the spark can't go off.

Customer story: Engaging and Retaining Talent in the Energy Sector. What if it were your organization?

Here's how a company with 170 employees, leading in renewable energy production, implemented Glickon Mine to analyze talent engagement and define an action plan.

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Help the organization achieve business goals by leveraging
people's talent through data

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