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Glickon helps you identify potential exit risks and gather feedback to refine the new hire experience

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Mine Onboarding, a key component of the Glickon Mine suite, empowers you to elevate new hire onboarding into a data-driven strategic process. This solution enables you to evaluate the success of your onboarding procedures, detect early turnover risks, and gather crucial feedback for ongoing improvement of the talent experience.
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Mine Onboarding with Glickon

Through technology, Glickon creates Talent Intelligence tools that can simplify processes, monitor and listen to the voice of every talent, objectify management perceptions, and promote a new data-driven culture within organizations.

Data-driven assessment

Via focused surveys, Mine Onboarding evaluates your onboarding process's success, offering a precise summary grounded in actual data.

Risk detection

Precisely detect potential exit risks among new team members, enabling prompt interventions to enhance their experience.

Real-time feedback

Gather direct feedback from new hires to fully grasp their needs and expectations, securing ongoing refinement of the onboarding process.

Performance Indicators (KPIs)

New hire attrition rate
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Net Promoter Score
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Time to peak productivity
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The analytical framework

Early satisfaction

Assess new hires' initial reactions to the onboarding process, covering company introduction and the definition of role expectations.

Team cohesion and autonomy

Evaluate how effectively new hires feel integrated into their team and work environment. Analyze how quickly new hires gain the autonomy needed to perform their tasks effectively.

Grasp of corporate values

Evaluate the speed and depth at which new hires absorb the company's values and culture.

Feedback and support

Evaluate the quality and regularity of feedback given to new hires, along with the support offered for their career growth.

Key statistics


of talents are more likely to stay for three years with a great experience


of new hires meeting their first goal often cite a positive onboarding


new hires are more engaged in organizations with effective onboarding
The voice of CUSTOMER
Onboarding Manager
Retail company with 1,000+ employees in Italy
Before Mine Onboarding, our approach to integrating new talents was based on guesswork. With Glickon's analysis, we've developed data-driven strategies aligned with actual expectations for a stronger start.

Customer story: Engaging and Retaining Talent in the Energy Sector. What if it were your organization?

Here's how a company with 170 employees, leading in renewable energy production, implemented Glickon Mine to analyze talent engagement and define an action plan.

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Help the organization achieve business goals by leveraging
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