Essere Umani

A collection of stories about being human, our work, and the world around us.

The best version of self

"If we feel it inside, a meaning to why we are doing something will always be found. This is my plan to be the best version of myself." With Vicky Piria, car driver and TV presenter, a beautiful journey where life is continuous learning, where between performance and results perfection does not exist but you can be the best version for yourself and others.

Essere umani

Acting requires finding a connection with the ever-changing self. It also calls for finding new meanings in every story and performance. And this is precisely why it is a job that requires an extraordinary sense of humanity and empathy.

Lessons and life

Giulia has been a teacher for over forty years, and by definition her job is to learn. But learners can be teachers themselves: ever wondered what a teacher learns, teaching?

Voices and frequencies

Two of Italy's most famous voices, Roberta Lanfranchi and Paolo Piva, tell us what it means to be human while holding a microphone. A special episode in which we search for the special kind of bond created with thousands of human beings when speaking through a mic.

Work and art

The responsibility and gift of those who choose art as a way of life and work. A harmonious dialogue between two voices, that of pianist Gloria Campaner and writer Ilaria Gaspari, that sounds of new beginnings. Much like today, March 21, the first day of spring.

Innovation and exploration

What drives innovation? A vision, sure; the confidence of those who believe in your journey, of course. But innovation without humanity is always dry and cold. A conversation with Oscar di Montigny.

Finding oneself through work

Andrea Pezzi tells us about finding himself by becoming a child again. A new approach to work and doing business: being open to others and being humane, where all of us brought together by a sustainability that lives in each of us.

The search for Itaca

Each of us needs an Ithaca: an island, a project, a place, or a person to return to, and find ourselves changed. For Martina and Saverio, Itaca isn't something abstract, but a reason to live and work.

Caring in the workplace

What does care mean in the workplace? For Barbara, the answer is simple: knowing that you have a human being in front of you.

The connections we make

Working in marketing means building relationships. For Carlo, it all starts with trust and curiosity.

Be the river and the rock

Silvia always knew what she wanted from work. Between schools, teachers, breaks, and obstacles, she embarked on a journey to hunt for stories: of work, of humanity.

Repair with gold

Instead of paying attention to people who asked, "Why would you do that?", Catherine and Valentina chose to transform their flaws and imperfections to strengths by embarking on a new adventure.

Mountains to climb

Lucia has recently moved to Milan, has a good job and a boyfriend. But when everything seems in balance, something breaks. And in the most difficult moment, she discovers within herself a great passion and an even greater strength.

A matter of freedom

What does being human at work mean if you're a firefighter? And why did so many of us dream of being firefighters as children? Here is the story of Mauro who, one fine day 30 years ago, listened to his need for freedom and changed his way of life...

Athletes and loneliness

Every athlete knows that their career is a race against themselves. They're faced obstacles, challenges, victories, and defeats. And moments when they just don't think they can do it. But what does this have to do with life and work for all of us? Here is Alessandra's story, an exclusive perspective on what it means to be human.

Lorenzo's story is for every human being

Between Italy and the US, between entertainment and entrepreneurship, the story of Lorenzo Thione and his commitment to minority representation.

Starting from scratch

Francesca had an ordinary job, quiet and in line with her expectations. She wouldn't have moved for anything in the world, until one day her company chose for her. And at 36, she found herself starting from scratch.

A year-long journey

Alex travels a lot for work: in March 2020, he was in Europe, away from his home Hong Kong and his wife Ana, on what was supposed to be a short trip. Then, news started coming in from China about a mysterious new virus...

The little big things

How important are the "little things" in our lives? For Alessandro, who deals with human beings, their work, and their well-being, it all started with a spark, which turned into an experience of a lifetime.