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Bring out the full potential of your employees

Establish continuous feedback paths, onboarding processes and wellbeing initiatives to elevate the overall work experience

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Glow, the Talent Management ecosystem to engage and retain talents

Our data platform streamlines the onboarding process for new hires through personalized onboarding journeys, analyzes and enhances internal skills using various digital tools, provides colleagues with tools to assess performance, and assists HR in evaluating the quality of both formal and informal relationships through a proprietary algorithm.

Glow enables companies to deliver valuable content by engaging interaction with their talents to boost engagement, convey messages and values, and maintain constant communication with their people.
Pathways to facilitate the integration of new employees
Improve Onboarding
Monitor the engagement rate to create more effective pathways
Enhance Engagement
Provide employees with tools to assess performance
Performance Management

Reimagine the talent work experience

Through technology, Glickon creates Talent Management tools that streamline processes, monitor and listen to the voice of each talent, objectify management perceptions, and promote a new data-driven culture within organizations.

Talents consistently share signals about how they feel and what they need. Give purpose to engagement surveys and the data on the experience that you can access daily with Glickon.

Development pathways

Leverage data to track, assess, and enhance personal and team development pathways, influencing business outcomes.


Digital onboarding is more effective and efficient than any traditional mentoring. Provide new hires with all the information they need for a swift and comprehensive integration.

360° Feedback

Request and receive feedback at any time from everyone you work with, whether they are colleagues or managers, with a perspective of continuous and shared growth.

Listen to people and take frontline action for the success of your organization.

Time savings and efficiency
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Empower personal growth
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All in One platform

Your goals. Your data.

Work experience feedback

Continuously listen and enhance the experiences of every colleague, both in the office and remotely. Gather internal feedback promptly and take action before any issues become ingrained in the company culture.

Platform and Insights

The platform enables autonomous administration and distribution of surveys to talents, offering real-time visualization of results, analyses, and insights. Glickon is an integrated platform with 170+ HR platforms (ATS and HCM).

Planning and Reporting

Glickon combines survey data with digital footprint from organizations to provide insights into attraction factors, engagement, and productivity. Our AI-based analyses can help you establish a clear connection between people experience and revenue.

Beyond data for immediate impact

Transform talent data into real improvements with pathways designed to guide actions. You can identify key factors to focus on, enabling the development of better experiences throughout the entire colleague journey.

Key statistics you should know


Time taken by HR
(Glassdoor, 2017)


Employee satisfaction
(Deloitte, 2021)


Team productivity
(Gallup, 2022)
The voice of leadership
Giulia Cavandoli
@ Trenord
HR Learning & Development
We have always believed that technical competence is the focus, but we are realizing that it's not the case. There is a whole other world that is more important. We shouldn't limit ourselves to the talent that the manager sees; we need to broaden our perspective to non-traditional leadership to see where relational knots are getting stuck and not reaching.

Glickon White Paper: Uncover the Relationship between Employee Experience and Revenue

High turnover risk in high-performing teams, low trust in leadership, and financial performance. Discover the relationship between Employee Experience and company value in our research.

Listen to candidates and colleagues to define strategic actions

Help the organization achieve business goals by leveraging
people's talent through data

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