operating model network analysis

Explore informal leadership and networks beyond
the org chart

Identify key figures within the organization, measure functional collaboration, and its impact on performance

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Build a new operational model based on collaboration, effectiveness, and trust

Listen to colleagues' voices and make informed decisions
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How does it work?

We empower you to seamlessly integrate our platform and craft winning strategies. Enjoy dedicated support and round-the-clock access to data. Gain actionable insights and make informed talent decisions with confidence.

Before the survey

We collaborate with you to develop a customized strategy aligned with the challenges of your people agenda. We assist in selecting the type and frequency of surveys, offering advice on addressing various feedback scenarios. We accompany you and your team until the moment you click to send the first survey, ensuring a smooth process every step of the way.

During the survey

Our Customer Success team will stand by your side throughout the entire process. You'll receive real-time updates on progress, results, and milestones regarding your employee engagement strategy.

After the survey

You'll have access to a detailed dashboard with results and in-depth analysis to enhance and guide actions. Discover strengths and weaknesses, identify trends, and benchmark your results against global and industry standards. There will be recurring meetings with our team to evaluate the best use of the platform together and gather your feedback.

What benefits for your organization?

Boost performance
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Reduce turnover
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Management trust
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What does OmNa mean?

Operating Model Network Analysis (OmNa) provides a structured way to visualize how communications, information, and decisions flow within an organization.

How does a survey benefit me?

It's a tool that helps you identify key factors such as talent productivity, unexpected key figures that may pose an organizational risk, informal leadership, job satisfaction, and overall company performance.

What is an OmNa survey?

OmNa analysis enables organizations to create an informal map of relationships among colleagues, gauging engagement and satisfaction, thus predicting potential attrition among key talents. It aids HR and business leaders in collecting feedback and making decisions guided by objective data.

Why should I conduct a survey?

There are several reasons, including improving workplace climate, enhancing employee satisfaction, identifying strengths and weaknesses, gathering candid feedback to influence decision-making, and improving communication, trust, and transparency between management and employees.

Statistics you should know


Net revenue




The voice of leadership
Chief Executive Officer
Manufacturing company with +200 employees
What mattered to us was reducing costs associated with the departure and replacement of key talents, as well as the effort of starting a new recruiting process each time. People felt heard, and we were able to initiate initiatives after learning what they really needed; we were literally guided by objective data.

Customer story: Engaging and Retaining Talent in the Energy Sector. What if it were your organization?

Here's how a company with 170 employees, leading in renewable energy production, implemented Glickon Mine to analyze talent engagement and define an action plan.

Listen to candidates and colleagues to define strategic actions

Help the organization achieve business goals by leveraging
people's talent through data

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