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The new challenge of leadership:
embracing data beyond surveys.

By leveraging data and analyzing the voice of talents, it is possible to gain a detailed understanding of colleagues' behavior, engagement, performance, and trends within the organization. This information enables identifying areas for improvement, optimizing talent management strategies, and aligning HR initiatives with business goals.

Conducting regular surveys to measure engagement, leadership has the opportunity to listen to and visualize the so-called "vital signs" of individuals, especially the ones that may be hidden. With predictive analysis, they can understand and implement interventions to reduce turnover rates, develop new talents, and enhance overall company performance.
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Transforming data into concrete actions

Through technology, Glickon creates Talent Intelligence tools that can simplify processes, monitor and listen to the voice of every talent, objectify management perceptions, and promote a new data-driven culture within organizations.

Active data

Specific feedback can be collected, and the real collaboration network can be captured through surveys, engagement surveys, and Organizational Network Analysis.

Passive data

Corporate communication can be tracked both internally and externally by connecting Glickon to communication and collaboration tools (email, calendars, chats, etc.).

Predictive data

By leveraging the collected data, it is possible to evaluate organizational risk scenarios and predict phenomena such as turnover, attraction, or attrition.

The main challenges for those who
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What Glickon does for you

Glickon collects information both actively (ONA surveys) and passively (emails, calendars, etc.) to provide leaders with a comprehensive view of colleague and candidate engagement, as well as productivity.

To understand, predict, and implement interventions to reduce turnover rates, develop new talents, and enhance company performance, the model is based on three elements: motivation, relationships, and skills, with four focal points: day-to-day (in everyday work), team (in relationships with colleagues), manager (in relationships with managers), and organization (in relationships with the company).

Surveys & Passive Data

The Mine Engagement solution aims to measure the employee experience by utilizing recurring engagement surveys and analyzing digital interactions such as emails, chats, meetings, and more.


The platform allows for administering talent surveys autonomously and provides real-time results, analysis, and insights. Glickon is an integrated platform compatible with 170+ HR platforms (ATS and HCM).

Analysis and Reporting

Glickon combines survey data with digital traces from organizations to provide insights on attraction levers, engagement, and productivity. Our AI-based analysis can help establish a clear link between employees and revenue.


Transform human resources data into tangible improvements through designed paths to guide actions. You will be able to identify key factors to focus on, in order to develop better experiences throughout the entire talent journey.

Key statistics


Cost reduction in hiring
(Deloitte, 'HR Technology Disruption')


Increase in hiring effectiveness
(Talent Board, 'The CX Report')


Increase in talent retention
(Harvard Business Review)
The voice of leadership
Matteo Melchiorri @ Fastweb
HR Director
The company culture should be open to listening and sharing, as well as fostering an inclusive work environment where everyone feels free to express themselves. The challenge for HR leadership is to balance collective and individual needs, which can only be achieved by integrating data and the human factor.

Customer story: Engaging and Retaining Talent in the Energy Sector. What if it were your organization?

Here's how a company with 170 employees, leading in renewable energy production, implemented Glickon Mine to analyze talent engagement and define an action plan.

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