Strengthening the Future: the Onboarding Experience at Polaris Engineering

Polaris Engineering's collaboration with Glickon stems from the ambitious hiring plan of the company for 2023 and the need to clearly define the onboarding process to optimize people experience and enhance employee experience

Objectives of the Project

Optimize onboarding to improve Employee Experience

Polaris Engineering, a deep tech company specializing in implementing innovative artificial intelligence-based solutions, has planned a significant hiring initiative in 2023, coinciding with the opening of two new operational locations.

To best prepare for this period of change, Polaris has chosen Glickon as a strategic partner to:

  • Define and introduce a clear and optimized onboarding process
  • Improve the overall experience for individuals and enhance the company's attractiveness

Why Glickon

The "Glow" platform from Glickon addressed Polaris Engineering's needs.

This solution created a space designed for people, capable of conveying all the values promoted by Polaris, such as transparency and clarity. Through the integration of multimedia content, quizzes, and timed assessments, the platform facilitated a positive welcome and the formation of a healthy work environment.

The definition of different journeys specific to various roles allowed new colleagues to find all the tools and resources essential for their entry into the company.

The example of an onboarding screen for new colleagues at Polaris Engineering.


Percentage of completion for Glickon journeys


The new colleagues registered on the Glickon platform


Completed questions

A comprehensive experience

Thanks to Glow, Polaris Engineering has developed dedicated paths for new colleagues:

  • Creation of a database of onboarding materials, always available to new hires‍
  • 30- and 60-day check-ins to assess the progress of the onboarding journey for new colleagues‍
  • Content designed to ensure cultural alignment within the company‍
  • Implementation, in the future, of upskilling activities to improve skills and promote collaboration among teams
Francesca Tedeschi @ Polaris Engineering
Head of Learning & Development
"We have built a bridge between the new and the familiar. With the Glickon platform, we have transformed onboarding into a welcoming and engaging experience. Every stone laid has brought not only skills but also shared values, creating a path outlined by the company culture, where each person can find their own way to growth."

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