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Create better onboarding, ONA surveys, and wellbeing experiences

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Content Platform

Use multimedia to easily onboard new colleagues and offer smooth training paths.

Sentiment Analysis

Create surveys to analyze, understand, and improve how your team feels at work.

Employee Tracking

Monitor employee engagement levels for company initiatives to create more tailored experiences.

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customer stories
Francesca Tedeschi @ Polaris Engineering
Head of Learning & Development
"We have built a bridge between the new and the familiar. With the Glickon platform, we have transformed onboarding into a welcoming and engaging experience. Every stone laid has brought not only skills but also shared values, creating a path outlined by the company culture, where each person can find their own way to growth."
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Bruna Cortinovis @ Golden Goose
HR Learning and Development Manager
“With Glickon, we were able to share our people stories in a simple, authentic, and spontaneous manner. Our goal, which we successfully reached, was not to find a utility platform, but a way to share our brand values with the Golden Family.”
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Silvia Preti @ Cherubini Group
Human Capital Officer
Glickon is a valuable partner that has helped us achieve our ambitious goals in terms of human capital and company growth. The flexible platform provides a distinctive user experience, and lets Cherubini's HR team work in an agile and creative manner, helping us save time and effort.
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Monica Raciti @ Medtronic
HR Business Partner
Glickon helped us create sustainable and timely onboarding processes that facilitate employee entry and growth. With Glickon, access to information and training is simple, quick, and engaging.
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Marta Signore @ Koelliker
HR Director
Glickon helped us develop valuable experiences for everyone in our company. They are the perfect partner in our group’s digitization journey.
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How does Glow work?

Glow lets you create a customized environment with your company’s branding and build tailored onboarding, training, wellbeing paths, and more for your colleagues. Employees can follow engaging learning and upskilling paths with the help of multimedia content, quizzes, and timed challenges. This activity is then tracked in an easy-to-use dashboard, helping you understand the areas and people to focus on.

How long does it take to get started?

Not long! You’ll have a customized environment in a week’s time and be able to build challenges and launch selection paths.

How much does Glow cost?

This depends on a range of factors. Learn more and book your demo.

What makes Glow special?

Glow is a one-of-a-kind platform that combines Artificial Intelligence, Employee Experience, multimedia content, gamification, and usability. It is a flexible tool that lets you create various projects and share them on your company’s digital and physical touchpoints.

Do you provide technical support?

Glow is intuitive and simple to use, but our Customer Success team is always available to help you build great experiences and analyze data.

Help talent shine

Create multimedia experiences and surveys to onboard new hires and improve their skills and wellbeing.

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