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Analyzing work sustainability – is it worth it?

Maintaining a sustainable workplace is a surefire way to increase organization engagement and reduce factors contributing to turnover. Analyzing interactions and passive data from communication and collaboration tools such as emails, calendars, chat messages, and video calls helps you understand how your teams work, their habits, behaviors, and health status.

Here's what you can do by analyzing workloads
  • Track team workloads and team burnout risk
  • Improve work-life balance and workplace fragmentation
  • Increase team engagement
  • Reduce factors contributing to turnover

Top challenges for C-suite leaders

Identify team burnout risk and improve wellbeing
Keep track of employee productivity and efficiency
Make your teams more efficient in terms of size and synergy
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What Glickon can do for you

C-suite leaders have a comprehensive view of work sustainability and the organization’s health status with Glickon’s active (qualitative feedback) and passive (emails, calendars, video calls, etc.) data collection solutions.


Qualitative feedback helps measure how teams view their current workload, their views on on mental and physical wellbeing and what level of work-life balance they aspire to, what motivates them, and what helps them stay engaged and productive.

Passive data

The digital footprints available in your company’s systems contain a wealth of information on how people and teams work and collaborate with each other. Passive data analysis helps you understand biased behaviors and objectify events that are invisible to the naked eye such as overtime work, poor time management or collaboration, and excessive multitasking.


Glickon combines survey feedback and your teams’ digital footprints to quantify the level of your organization’s work sustainability, determine areas of improvement, understand patterns in working hours, and identify teams at high risk of burnout. Our analytics, which brings together people science and AI, facilitates talent retention by identifying insights and strategic levers to develop an engaging and sustainable workplace.

Transform all your employee data into quantifiable value

Glickon gives you a snapshot of your company’s health from different angles to help facilitate employee success

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