Medtronic and Glickon join forces to define a new digital onboarding process

From onboarding to employee experience: make work a meaningful experience from the get-go.


Glickon helped Medtronic with their shift to a digital onboarding model, facilitating a rich,  meaningful, and sustainable onboarding experience right from day one.

Bring people closer with sustainable processes

Two important factors determine the success of your business: ensuring employee growth and providing a top quality Employee Experience. And it starts with onboarding.

Before Glickon, Medtronic managed onboarding through Welcome Days, in-person events to welcome new hires. This came with one main constraint: given the large number of internal speakers and new hires involved, Welcome Days were difficult to organize quickly and efficiently.

New hires would sometimes have to wait months to get important, operational information. Glickon was able to design an authentic experience to help new hires navigate the ins and outs of Medtronic right from day one.  What’s more? This experience allowed new hires to be in control of their onboarding journey, without being too dependent on their colleagues.


Onboarding satisfaction rate


New hires


Completion rate

The Glickon platform for Medtronic


Welcome new hires warmly and provide a meaningful experience.


Encourage participation with the help of quizzes and multimedia content.

Active listening

Practice continuous listening with feedback surveys to guide HR decision-making.

Monica Raciti @ Medtronic
HR Business Partner
Glickon helped us create sustainable and timely onboarding processes that facilitate employee entry and growth. With Glickon, access to information and training is simple, quick, and engaging.

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