Glickon and Koelliker: digital transformation in an established and reputable company

Enabling profound change in a leading automotive logistics distribution group with the help of management, employees, and candidates

Change Management by the people, for the people.

Koelliker built a digitised, simple, and engaging job application process using Glickon. Koellikerʼs website was directly linked to the Glickon Candidate Experience platform, allowing all applications to be collected on the platform and speeding up pre-screening.

For employees, Glickon designed a change support process that included communication, listening, and gamification. Glickon also provided experiences that foster professional growth and digital skills development, collect continuous feedback, and ensure live gaming instances.


Applications collected in the first month


Employees involved in experiences


Completion rate

Talent Pipeline

One database to track all applications

Candidate Engagement

Agile and engaging application experience

Continuous Listening

Periodic surveys and Sentiment Analysis feedback

Training and Development

Strategic upskilling of digital skills

Marta Signore @ Koelliker
HR Director
Glickon helped us develop valuable experiences for everyone in our company. They are the perfect partner in our group’s digitization journey.

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