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Conduct climate surveys and analyze employee engagement in your organization with engagement surveys and real-time data

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Engagement survey for employees – what’s it for?

Regular engagement surveys allow HR leaders to understand people’svital signs”, even those not readily visible. Predictive analytics can help HR understand and implement actions to reduce resignations, train new talent, and improve company performance.

Here's what you can do by conducting employee engagement surveys:
  • Really listen to and understand your employees
  • Make objective decisions
  • Understand employee sentiment using data
  • Find out the main topics at work

Why it matters for CEO, COO & CFO

Top 3 advantages for C-suite leaders who want to provide an unforgettable Employee Experience

1. Hiring better talent has a direct impact on revenue
2. Managers are kept in the loop about informal discussions
3. Understanding people to understand company

Why Glickon is right for you

Performance & Retention

Glickon’s approach to detecting engagement involves providing a snapshot of employee rational and emotional commitment based on four key points in the employee-organization relationship. This is done through surveys, sentiment analysis, and organizational analysis to increase talent performance and retention.


Glickon’s ready-to-use ONA surveys let you measure the main engagement drivers by clusters.

Sentiment Analysis

Use Natural Language Processing algorithms to analyze respondents’ textual responses and measure their positive, negative, or neutral feelings on a given topic. You can then adapt your values and leadership models to what best fits your company.

Content Library

Glickon offers more than just surveys. With Glow, you can analyze employee engagement and take concrete improvement steps with quizzes, podcasts, videos, documents, and more!

The power of surveys for HR

Glickon's drivers for measuring and analysing engagement

Engagement, inclusion, and performance
Compensation, wellbeing & training
Trust in managers & work-life balance

Transform employee data into effective strategies

Glickon lets you integrate artificial intelligence and analytics with your Employee Engagement processes

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