organization overview

Explore the organizational structure at a glance

A comprehensive snapshot revealing crucial details necessary to navigate through the complex landscape of the company

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A holistic view of the company, blending quantitative and qualitative data

Organization overview provides an "at-a-glance" view of the company, merging quantitative and qualitative data into a clear framework.

From demographic data to employee feedback, it offers an insightful view, enabling informed, objective decisions, and targeted strategies.
Retention time and career advancement
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Different views based on demographics
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A visual representation of the entire organization
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An objective overview of your organization

Through technology, Glickon brings to life Talent Intelligence tools that are able to simplify processes, monitor and listen to the voice of each talent, objectify management perceptions, and promote a new data-driven culture within organizations.

You can identify at a glance the specific areas where things are going well or not so well and lead data-driven improvement actions.

Comprehensive Analysis

Holistic insight on both candidates and employees.

Division by organizational units

A pie chart providing an immediate overview of how many colleagues are present in various teams.

Turnover rate

The abandonment rate divided between the average and individual percentages related to timeframes.

Delve into the details, identifying strengths and improvement opportunities.

Engagement surveys
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ONA surveys
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Informal leadership
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Your goals. Your data.

Connect Your Data

Integrate the HCM/HRIS/ATS/Payroll platforms you already use, add communication and collaboration platforms for email and calendar usage. You can also connect other platforms for financial management, sales, customer management, or project tracking. Alternatively, you can upload your data through an Excel/CSV file.

Analyze workforce

Real-time analysis of key metrics in your company and navigate insights starting from a visual representation of the organizational structure.

Build survey campaigns

Enrich your data through survey campaigns on all or part of your organization. Choose from projects to be carried out with the guidance of Glickon consultants, ready-to-use surveys on processes and work experiences, or create your own survey from new content.

Discover informal leaders

The use of an Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) survey is a powerful tool to identify different types of leaders, including those who might be "hidden". This methodology provides the opportunity to map internal relationships, revealing who the most influential and recognized people are within the organization.

Key statistics you should know


Time taken by HR
(Glassdoor, 2017)


Employee satisfaction
(Deloitte, 2021)


Team productivity
(Gallup, 2022)
The voice of leadership
Marta Bordoni
‍@ S
Talent Acquisition
In large companies we now find 2 to 4 generations simultaneously. The issue of relationships therefore becomes crucial and what lies underneath and is not seen, emotional leadership, must emerge.

Glickon White Paper: Uncover the Relationship between Employee Experience and Revenue

High turnover risk in high-performing teams, low trust in leadership, and financial performance. Discover the relationship between Employee Experience and company value in our research.

Listen to candidates and colleagues to define strategic actions

Help the organization achieve business goals by leveraging
people's talent through data

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