Manage the attraction phase and employer branding

Transform candidate feedback into strategies to enhance the selection experience and attractiveness

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Why don't talents complete your application process?
Now you can find out.

With Mine Attraction, you can objectively evaluate the appeal for potential candidates, the quality of the selection process, and every crucial aspect of the talent attraction phase.
Nurture and enhance your employer branding
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Discover what your organization's reputation is among candidates

Through technology, Glickon brings to life Talent Attraction tools that simplify processes, monitor and listen to every talent's voice, objectify management perceptions, and spread a new data culture in organizations.

By leveraging data and analyzing the voices of talents, it's possible to gain a detailed understanding of the behavior and needs of the talents to be attracted, as well as trends in the world of Employer Branding.

This information allows for the identification of areas for improvement and the optimization of talent management strategies to align HR initiatives with business objectives.

Experience survey

Mine Attraction is Glickon's platform that leverages the potential of direct data (surveys) to improve and monitor critical aspects related to the Candidate Experience. In addition to a predefined set of questions, it is possible to add other customized ones.

Attraction drivers

The software provides HR and managers with insights to quantify and address the engagement needs of new talents to be attracted. This allows for the identification of strengths and areas of improvement in the organization's attractiveness.

Analisi sentiment & AI

The platform leverages a set of integrated solutions along with proprietary technologies in Artificial Intelligence, NLP, and Advanced Statistics. This enables the segmentation of thousands of responses into various topics, providing a comprehensive view of actionable insights and data on talent.

Combine artificial intelligence and the human factor in the power of a data platform

Brand Reputation
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Candidate Experience
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Real time data
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Your goals. Your data.

Wide range of questions

Beyond the predefined set, it's possible to add customized questions based on your new selection strategy and employer branding.

Platform and Insights

The platform enables the independent administration of surveys targeting talents to be hired, the stages of the candidate experience, and the real-time viewing of results, analysis, and insights. Glickon is an integrated platform compatible with 170+ HR platforms (ATS and HCM).

Analysis and Reporting

Our AI-based analyses can help you establish a clear link between candidate experience and business outcomes.

Data-driven actions

Transform human resources data into tangible improvements through designed paths to guide actions. You will be able to identify key factors to focus on, in order to develop better experiences throughout the entire talent journey.

Key statistics you should know


Cost reduction in hiring
(Deloitte, 'HR Technology Disruption')


Increase in hiring effectiveness
(Talent Board, 'The CX Report')


Increase in talent retention
(Harvard Business Review)
The voice of leadership
Alessandra Pichierri @ Gi Group
Education Manager
With Glickon, we were able to integrate gaming into our approach: it's useful for engaging candidates, capturing their attention, and helping them grasp key concepts. All this while facilitating the transfer of data from talents interested in joining our database and taking advantage of our services to support their orientation.

Customer story: Engaging and Retaining Talent in the Energy Sector. What if it were your organization?

Here's how a company with 170 employees, leading in renewable energy production, implemented Glickon Mine to analyze talent engagement and define an action plan.

Listen to candidates and colleagues to define strategic actions

Help the organization achieve business goals by leveraging
people's talent through data

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