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Bruna Cortinovis @ Golden Goose
HR Learning and Development Manager
“With Glickon, we were able to share our people stories in a simple, authentic, and spontaneous manner. Our goal, which we successfully reached, was not to find a utility platform, but a way to share our brand values with the Golden Family.”
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Elisa Nadile @ ERRE Company
Chief Human Resources Officer
Glickon's user-friendly interface and features have helped us simplify our pre-screening process and optimize the HR team's work, helping us foster interactions with our different Business teams.
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Silvia Preti @ Cherubini Group
Human Capital Officer
Glickon is a valuable partner that has helped us achieve our ambitious goals in terms of human capital and company growth. The flexible platform provides a distinctive user experience, and lets Cherubini's HR team work in an agile and creative manner, helping us save time and effort.
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Talent Acquisition
Glickon's tool makes it easier but more importantly, it reclaims time, which we can devote to more accurate talent selection.
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Erika De Martiis @ Dentsu Italy
HR Business Partner
The Glickon digital platform helps us track the experience of our junior candidates using a smart and unique approach, which helps them get to know our brand better and makes it easier for us to pre-screen candidates.
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Francesca Saia @ KPMG
Employer Branding Lead
We were able to share our story in an interactive and digital manner with the Glickon platform, engaging students and young professionals in the #LevelUpYourFuture challenge.
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Salvatore Caligiuri @ Acea
Recruitment and Training
The Challenges feature in Glickon helped us analyze the skills we were looking for in a large number of candidates. With this quick and engaging feature, we were able to speed up our selection process.
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Fabrizio Del Gobbo @ Deloitte
Employer Branding & Talent Attraction
Glickon is an essential asset and tool for our Talent Acquisition. Losing such a resource would mean redesigning the entire process.
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How does Seek work?

Seek lets you create a customized environment with your company’s branding and build tailored experiences for the talent you want to hire. Candidates are sure to be part of an engaging hiring process, with multimedia content, quiz, and timed challenges.

How long does it take to get started?

Not long! You’ll have a customized environment in a week’s time and be able to build challenges and launch selection paths.

How much does Seek cost?

This depends on a range of factors, such as the subscription duration and the number of roles you wish to create. Learn more about our plans in the Pricing section or talk to our experts in an introductory meeting.

What makes Seek special?

Seek is a one-of-a kind platform that combines Artificial Intelligence, Candidate Experience, and usability. It is a flexible tool that lets you create various projects, from Employer Branding to Recruiting. Seek also lets you share your application paths on digital and physical touchpoints alike.

Do you provide technical support?

Seek is intuitive and simple to use, but our Customer Success team is always available to help you build great experiences and analyze data.

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