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Candidate feedback – is it worth the hype?

Candidate feedback can be an important asset for your company and have a real impact on different aspects within your company. Surveys that ask the right questions offer valuable feedback to your HR teams and management.

  • Influence Employer Branding
  • Reduce turnover rates by hiring top talent
  • Raise Talent Acquisition funnel quality
  • Ensure your hire talent with top-notch skills

Why it matters for CEO, COO & CFO

Top 3 advantages for C-suite leaders who want to provide an unforgettable Employee Experience

1. Hiring better talent has a direct impact on revenue
2. Managers are kept in the loop about candidates
3. Recruiting has an impact on the organizational culture

What Glickon can do for you

Tools to collect and analyze feedback


The online Candidate Experience survey measures how candidates see themselves on the market, what grabs their attention and why, their candidate experience so far and what they’d change, and what they think of your brand and company.


The Glickon platform provides an easy and simple solution to create and manage talent surveys. View survey results, analysis, and insights in real-time.
Glickon is integrated with over 170 HR platforms (ATS and HCM).

Analytics and Reports

Once your surveys have been completed, our teams analyze the survey results by comparing them with national and international benchmarks. We’re here to help you identify key strengths and areas of improvement in the short and medium term. Glickon also identifies key areas for HR to focus on to improve your selection experience.

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