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Share your company’s values right from the first phase of recruiting and upgrade your Talent Acquisition funnel

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Share your core company values

As Brett Minchington, CEO of EBI (Employer Branding International) put it, “Employer branding is not a HR function, nor a Marketing or Communications function. Employer branding is a Business function!”.  This Business function is responsible for communicating your company values to the outside world, and Glickon helps you do just that.

Candidates today aren’t just looking for a job. It is simply not enough. They want to work at a company that builds relationships, designs constructive development paths, and has purpose and drive in the long run.

Our solutions

Create engaging experiences with quizzes, podcasts, and multimedia content
Share company values with ad hoc podcasts and videos
Use data to understand and pick the right strategies for your company
Improve storytelling with the help of Employer Branding paths
Build digital job boards to find the right fit for you
Nurture top talent to encourage them to join your company
Davide Laurora@ Jakala
HR Senior Specialist
Talents today are ambitious, a good salary just doesn’t cut it. With Seek, we were able to create an engaging experience that helped us filter and find top talents in our Candidate Experience path.

Make Employer Branding
work for you

Let talents know your company is the right place for their
growth and wellbeing

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