Deloitte finds top talent in the competitive world of consulting

A talent engagement process built with Glickon, including training, selection and gamification, to attract and engage top STEM talent in the increasingly competitive consulting sector.

Attracting the best STEM talent and building an Employer Branding experience at the same time is an increasingly important and competitive challenge for the consulting sector.

This is why the selection process must be more than just sending an application – it must be a real occasion where company and talent get to interact with each other.

Find out Deloitte and Glickon have transformed talent selection using a Talent Engagement process that sees each candidate as a future employee.


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Deloitte operates in an industry where finding talent is a highly difficult and competitive. So, with Glickon, Deloitte pursued two goals: create engagement and attraction experiences for targeted and in-demand profiles (consulting, STEM, Java and Python developers); collect and track candidate talent data in an agile and effective way.


Considering the goals for the experience and analyzing Deloitte's talent pipeline, Glickon designed an Employer Branding experience made up of many attraction elements. These are not just virtual experiences, but real moments of in-person and remote interaction. Experiences that scout the most interesting profiles, engage candidates, train them with tips and suggestions, and ensure a smart and engaging pre-screening phase.

  • Engagement
  • Employer Branding
  • Career Days
  • Learning
  • Selection

Engagement and smart selection

Glickon designed an employer branding journey for Deloitte consisting of various attraction elements. The aim is to build an engaging and comprehensive candidate experience that is valuable to them, while supporting the work of recruiters.

Inside The Dot

Inside The Dot is Deloitte's digital Talent Engagement experience, developed by Glickon. It combines employer branding, talent attraction and simplicity in scouting and recruiting. It is both, a fully customized experience for candidates, and a simple and fast one for recruiters.

Fabrizio Del Gobbo @ Deloitte
Employer Branding & Talent Attraction
Glickon is an essential asset and tool for our Talent Acquisition. Losing such a resource would mean redesigning the entire process.

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