Acea revamps its Candidate Experience to attract top talent in Italy

Pick the right talent by building efficient and engaging experiences


How do you tackle the talent challenge? Glickon and Acea designed a distinct selection process that is memorable for candidates, fast and efficient for HR, and that one-ups the competition.

Acea's requirements

  • Select the right candidates with an efficient process and an engaging experience.
  • Set up an assessment before the interview to check candidate skills.

Glickon's response

Design a distinct candidate experience, making the most of the platform’s gamification feature and analytics dashboard to simplify candidate selection.


Applications received


Challenges created in 2021


Completion rate

From experience to selection

  • Recruiting Challenges: candidates complete a soft and hard skills assessment to help HR examine their skills and fit with the position
  • Assessment with Dynamic-adaptive Algorithm: Glickon quizzes use an algorithm that adapts questions to the candidate's level of knowledge
  • Effective Employer Branding: content, events, challenges, and more are brought together in a single smart and engaging storytelling environment
  • Analytics Dashboard: the recruiting team always has all candidate profiles available in one dashboard, where the fit index, a numerical index attributed via AI, makes selection quick and easy. All application data can be downloaded as a report.

Talent Graduate Program

In the course of our collaboration, Acea realized it had to attract STEM candidates to fill certain strategic positions. Acea and Glickon then built a job application experience aimed at young students and recent graduates in these subjects. The Talent Graduate Programme allowed the company to create a skills development experience to engage and place talented young graduates from Economics and STEM disciplines at Acea.

Ease of use for HR, memorable experiences for candidates and employees

We work with HR leaders by offering a simple and powerful tool to build employee and candidate experiences. We collect data on how people work and collaborate in the company, enabling data-driven, accurate, and impactful decisions.

Salvatore Caligiuri @ Acea
Recruitment and Training
The Challenges feature in Glickon helped us analyze the skills we were looking for in a large number of candidates. With this quick and engaging feature, we were able to speed up our selection process.

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