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Design positive onboarding experiences to make a difference
in your new hire’s work life

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Switch from processes to experiences

It only takes 90 days for new hires to decide whether they want to stay in your company.

The Great Resignation has pushed companies to step up their onboarding game, and help new hires feel like they’re an integral part of their team from the get-go!

With Glickon, increase employee retention and offer customized onboarding paths with all the information your people may need.

Our solutions

Make your new hires feel welcome from the get-go
Digitize adminsitrative and bureaucratic tasks
Introduce team members and the company with podcasts and videos
Save time and reduce attrition rate
Invest in employee wellbeing  throughout their career in your company
Track employee activities and engagement to make the right decisions
Monica Raciti @Medtronic
People Projects Lead
Glickon helped us create sustainable and timely onboarding processes that facilitate employee entry and growth. With Glickon, access to information and training is simple, quick, and engaging.

Help new hires feel at home with their new team

Migliora la retention eliminando burocrazia e ridondanze.

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