Employee experience: why managing it well can be a competitive advantage

Employee experience: innovative companies put the person at the centre of their strategies and decisions. How can the employee experience be improved to make it a competitive advantage?

L’employee experience

Employee experience: what is it about?

Let's try to imagine what the experience of a journey usually leaves us: the relationships we created, the people we met, the sensations that we felt, the gratifications we remembered. Now let's think about this journey not in a far country, but in our company: the employee experience can be thought as a journey, which makes people feel part of a project, valued and appreciated, motivated and satisfied.

We are far beyond the simple human resources management: to get the best talents on the market and keep in the company creative and brilliant minds, it is necessary to structure and create an experience that is unique and unrepeatable, supported by the most innovative technologies and optimized processes.

We are talking about a set of very different aspects that represent at 360 °the working context: working organization, provided tools, processes and procedures, interactions with colleagues and collaborators, involvement in business decisions, career opportunities and personal and professional growth.

Employee experience is what makes the company a desirable place where enhance your skills and experience your talent, feeling valued and proud to work in a comfortable and reliable environment.

How to improve the employee experience?

To become attractive at the eyes of candidates on the market, a good corporate image strategy is not enough: the employee's experience is the result of careful planning and precise implementation. The Employee Experience accompanies the employee from the first contact with the company to his/her exit: it is a path that includes various aspects, each one to be planned and managed thinking about enhancing and supporting the person, to make it a unique journey.

To help HR structuring an effective employee experience there is technology: digital tools are a precious help to propose to the employee a flexible organizational model and a balanced workload. But there’s something more: the available tools include performance management software, 360 ° feedbacks, satisfaction surveys, welcome / exit interviews, quantitative and qualitative analyses on People Analytics models. These are techniques that improve employee engagement, promoting employee engagement and a feedback culture at all organizational levels.Among the "100 best companies to work for" according to Great Place to Work, Employee Engagement is at the top of company priorities.

The best and brightest companies to the eyes of their employees have not simply decided to raise salaries and to offer great bonuses: they have invested in creating a desirable workplace, promoting values ​​such as inclusion, active listening, care and empathy towards colleagues.

The real secret of the best companies has been to "listen" and embrace the needs of people, supporting them with confidence and offering them a job that is not only the source of their family earnings but the place to feel "at home" when away from home.Inclusion is the most appreciated value, together with the authentic "care" towards people demonstrated through concrete initiatives, targeted upskilling programs, values which are shared ​​and promoted at all levels of the organization in a coherent and transversal way, but above all concrete and tangible.

This is exactly what can be found in Glickon Glow: many features in a simple and direct layout, to structure the Employee Engagement plan that best suits your company.

Employee Engagement: which are the returns?

Being able to offer a valuable Employee Engagement experience, nowadays, means having employees who are working better and presenting yourself in the world of recruiting with an inviting and attractive business card.Investing in a well-structured Employee Engagement plan results into an advantageous corporate return from many aspects: a substantial reduction in turnover, employees who would gladly recommend their company to friends, acquaintances, potential customers and suppliers, workers who go to their job place feeling psychologically healthy and able to perform to their full potential without stress, people who can say that their company is a great place to work and that takes care of them with attention and sensitivity, in perfect Employee Advocacy approach.

Let's not forget that an effective and interesting employee experiencemakes the company an attractive place for talents on the market and at the same time a place where people want to stay to optimize their skills and improve their experience: these two elements are enough to decide to commit to this goal.

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