Automatic text generator with artificial intelligence: the Job Description

The progress in artificial intelligence increasingly offers the effective possibility of generating quality texts in whatever industry is used for.

The use of Artificial Intelligence applied to the HR world - and as a benefit for automatic text generator tools - opens up really interesting scenarios, particularly in the recruiting field, improving the selection and the hiring processes, implementing stricter inclusion policies. See here some of the potential of Artificial Intelligence applied to the hiring process.

In recruiting in particular, the job description creation phase managed with the text generating tools allows a considerable time saving with same quality of the result: let's see together what uses and advantages of this tool.GPT-3 (whose acronym stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer and 3 indicates the third generation) is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence, released in 2020 by the OpenAI research laboratory, located in San Francisco.

It is a language model that is defined by expert technicians as "self-regressive statistician": this model, of which only a beta version has been released, is still a work in progress and used for research purposes, but has enormous potential. this text generator is able to formulate sentences with complete meaning and ia also able to structure conversations that are completely similar to those of a human, starting from "source" inputs, technically called prompts.

Without going too far into the world of actual IT, we just need to know that the application of this artificial intelligence tool to the HR field and in particular to the recruiting area offers the possibility of generating complete job descriptions in a very short time and with little implementation process. while maintaining the effectiveness and quality of job descriptions generated by man.

Job Description text generator: how it works

Let's see with more detail how this text generator tool works: it is enough for the user to enter a fundamental data set (such as the job title and a description of what are the activities to be performed given the job profile in question) to carry out as a result a real job description, already complete with formatted text, with bullet lists and titles, declined in paragraphs that illustrate tasks, responsibilities, technical and necessary soft skills required for the position, as well as including a description of the pre-registered company and all the necessary information about salary & benefit details.

We already examined with detail how to structure an effective job description and the essential elements required: we can assume that it will take a long time, on average, to obtain a well-structured and high quality document as a result.

Introducing the help of an artificial intelligence tool in this step of the process it will guarantee unimaginable benefits in terms of time saving. Artificial intelligence would achieve a first job description pretty close to a human created one and in a lot less time, in this way HR could use the time saved to focus energy towards other steps of the recruiting process with greater added value.

Generatore automatico Job Description Glickon

The GPT-3 algorithm to easily generate Job Descriptions

GPT-3 is an absolutely innovative tool and is very user friendly, its real potential remains still unexplored but nevertheless GPT – 3 immediately launches the recruiting industry, and everything revolving around it, into a galaxy of innovative solutions and cutting edge technology.The benefits of this text generator are, in fact, in addition to its ease of use which is comparable to the use of a common search engine tool, those of providing the user with a very natural, simple and "precise" recruiting text in an effective and economical way.

Although the GPT-3 model still shows some small flaws in terms of mathematical logic, semantics and ethics, this does not affect the possibilities offered by this AI tool in the task, for example, of writing a job description: used in a well-defined context and following given parameters, such as the production of a suitable and well-structured job description model, this artificial intelligence recruitment tool can prove to be a precious ally, able to partially replace the human factor, providing in short time a quality text that requires only a subsequent revision or integration, thus allowing to define a standardized and efficient recruiting process.

Considering, in fact, the high recruiting costs faced by companies, an effective tool that allows to reduce the time to hire while maintaining high process standards is certainly a strategy to be considered to integrate your HR processes with cutting-edge solutions.

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