Making decisions about talent with a new data culture, Glickon on [ITA]

Glickon simplifies and makes application processes engaging, while leveraging the collection and analysis of active, passive, and predictive data offers a telescope-MINE-with which to explore an organization's past, present, and future in order to take, through a data-driven platform, concrete actions to grow business performance

23 october 2023

The increasingly changing and complex job market confronts organizations with the need to cope with solving problems such as talent attraction, talent retention, talent management, high turnover rates and burnout levels.

There is therefore a need to improve and innovate HR processes with the aim of transforming them into experiences to build sustainable and inclusive work environments for people and, consequently, profitable for business. In this sense, technology and particularly generative AI, to support management, are playing a crucial role: from recruiting to off-boarding...

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