HR: the 5 priorities for the industry in 2023, by Glickon

In fact, it is estimated, Glickon points out, that if in 2021 it had exceeded $53.1 billion globally, by 2025 it will be worth more than $90 billion.

31 january 2023

The current labor market scenario is increasingly fragmented and conditioned by socio-economic and cultural phenomena that are reshaping its priorities and new "boundaries." On the one hand, words and heated discussions about Great Resignation, Quite Quitting, Quiet Firing, Hope Fatigue, and Stresslaxing are proliferating; on the other hand, there is a concrete fact to pay due attention to: a GDP growth of 1.6 percent (to estimate this, highlights the Italian company, are some of the world's leading economists and realities such as J.P. Morgan).

This means that companies might choose a more conservative approach...

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