HR tech startup : Italy is in the front row

Glickon has developed a "golden formula" to find the talent that is in each of us and is based on three pillars: what you do best (skills), what is your "why" (motivation) and with whom you work best (relationships).

28 february 2023

The HR tech sector is on fire. “The sector, which includes startups and companies, is destined to grow. It is estimated that if in 2021 it had exceeded 53.1 billion dollars globally, in 2025 it will be worth over 90 billion – says Carlo Rinaldi, Glickon Chief Marketing Officer. North America is driving this growth, but Europe also plays a central role, with Italy in fourth place (we had a growth of 9.9% in 2021) in a ranking in which Germany, UK and France are on the podium and Spain is last (Q2 2022 market analysis by Growth Capital and Cosmico)”.

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