HR Tech sector on the rise, Glickon's 5 priorities on HRnews

The HR Tech sector is set to grow. In fact, it is estimated that while in 2021 it was worth over USD 53.1 billion globally, by 2025 it will be worth over USD 90 billion.

22 february 2023

The current labour market scenario is increasingly fragmented and conditioned by socio-economic and cultural phenomena that are reshaping its priorities and new 'boundaries'.

On the one hand, words and heated discussions about Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, Quiet Firing, Hope Fatigue and Stresslaxing are proliferating; on the other hand, there is a concrete fact to pay attention to: a GDP growth of 1.6%.

This means that companies may choose a more conservative approach by stopping budgeting and reorganising the workforce. Added to this is the energy crisis affecting the most precious 'resource': the human being. In addition to the difficulty in searching for and attracting new talent and skills, the issue is therefore more and more about preserving and retaining colleagues, releasing and spreading 'new energy'.

Glickon, an Italian company that proposes people experience and analytics solutions dedicated to HR and management, has outlined 5 priorities to orientate and find the compass in this sector in 2023.

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