Glickon's talent formula on Corriere Lavoro

The big issue, then, is to understand how the response and demand in the labor market is evolving and to take action to bring the value of human beings back to the center while preserving their energy.

26 october 2022

For Glickon, an Italian company active in the HR tech software market for medium and large companies, it is estimated that over a lifetime we spend as much as 27 years sleeping, 15 months searching for lost items and roughly 90 thousand hours working. That the impact of work on our lives is truly remarkable about this there is no longer any doubt. At stake are not only cultural, social and economic phenomena such as the widely discussed "Great Resignation" and "Quiet Quitting," but a real "energy crisis" of human beings. A crisis that often stems from an upstream problem: properly attracting and retaining the talent within each of us.

And, consequently, what follows: the recognition of one's talent in one's workplace or the search for a sustainable job in terms of time.

A job with which to feel gratified economically and humanly. If all these factors are lost, we become dehumanized and lose energy.

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