Glickon's "gold formula" on the Corriere

Glickon's observatory explains why people are increasingly seeking the new experience. Nanni Moretti's lesson for surviving "quiet quitting"

21 October 2022

If there is one thing current, it is the energy crisis. It is beating, doing damage and creating thoughts everywhere. But it is not just a matter of deflated wallets. There is an eternal quote from Nanni Moretti in Ecce bombo: "I do things, I see people." Times have changed so much that these are two activities at an all-time low. The recent history of various mankind says so, the latest observatory put up by Glickon, a Milan-based company and leader in the Hr tech software market for medium and large companies, certifies it.

What comes out is that over the average life span we spend 27 years sleeping, 15 months searching for lost objects and roughly 90 thousand hours working. At stake are not only cultural, social and economic phenomena such as "Great Resignation" and "Quiet Quitting," but also another real "energy crisis" of human beings. Which often stems from an upstream problem: properly attracting and retaining the talent in each of us.

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