Glickon included in Gartner's Workplace Analytics / Organizational Network Analysis category

The study by Gartner confirms glickon's position as a key player in the People Experience landscape.

9 December 2021

On 11 November 2021, glickon, a leading provider of People Experience & Analytics technology solutions, was included by the prestigious research organisation Gartner in its Getting Value From Employee Productivity Monitoring Technologies for Remote and Office Based Workers study.

The Milan-based HR-tech company is included in the Workplace Analytics / Organisational Network Analysis vendor segment, alongside Microsoft Workplace Analytics and TrustSphere.According to the Gartner study report, "Some leaders turn to employee productivity monitoring tools for fear that remote work leads to lost productivity. Others seek to improve individual and team productivity.

While aiming to reap benefits from these tools, application leaders for the digital workplace must also avoid ethical pitfalls." [1]glickon responds to these needs by supporting customers in mapping communication and collaboration patterns, proposing the construction of a performance management framework based on networking and relationships and aimed at producing useful and actionable information for business decision-makers in terms of time and activity organisation.As the report was updated on 11 November, the recognition for glickon comes just a few months after its inclusion in the Gartner Market Guide 2021 [2] , in the Voice of the Employee Solutions segment.

"We believe that this recognition," commented Filippo Negri, CEO of glickon, "confirms glickon's position as a reference player in the People Experience panorama, not only in supporting organisations in actively listening to the corporate population, but also in collecting strategic data and evidence for business continuity and growth. We are at the side of over 50 organisations in tackling the unprecedented and exciting challenges that these times are posing to those involved in people's work experience, their productivity, and their well-being".

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