Glickon in leading Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera: our algorithm helps companies find top talent

Talent experience is made up of four essential steps: data collection in a single platform that allows major HR platform integrations, active listening, analysis, and actions involving concrete initiatives and people development.

28 December 2022

Glickon aims to transform the working environment with the help of technology, big data, and artificial intelligence. Led by Filippo Negri, the Milanese company is a leader in the HR tech industry for medium and large sized companies. Glickon uses AI-powered algorithms to create snapshots and maps of your data, making it easy to analyze people experience within your company.

"The idea to transform the job application process was first developed in 2013, which then evolved into a startup the following year", explains Carlo Rinaldi, Glickon's Chief Marketing Officer. This is how the Glickon Candidate Experience platform was developed, followed by Glickon Employee Experience to measure and improve employee experience and performance. "The spotlight must be on people to get an overview of people experience and track their progress. Attracting new talent is important, but retaining talent by active listening is absolutely essential."

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