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Providing continuous feedback is an important step for organizations that want to build lasting relationships with talents. Candidates today want more than just readymade feedback that brings no value to them. This kind of feedback often creates a void in people-to-people relationships and leaves talents feeling dissatisfied.

Companies that want to leverage their Employer Branding strategy can no longer afford to use years-old feedback templates that aren’t tailored to their audience. With Glickon, you can write personalized and compelling feedback to your applicants in a matter of minutes!

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Select the language in which you want to generate feedback
Click the specific template you want to use
Describe keywords, requirements, and characteristics
Pick your tone of voice
Click Generate
Copy and save your customized feedback and send it to your canidate
Mauro Cerni @Erre Technology
Recruiter ICT
Finding the right fit for our company starts with a well-written and engaging job posting. Flow made the entire process seem effortless. We really appreciated the option to create and edit content quickly.

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