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Map and develop employee skills with
Upskilling and Reskilling experiences

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Identify areas of growth in your organization

82% of organizations don’t use digital tools or innovative resources to map and track team performances.

A major challenge for companies these days is determining and bridging the skills gap in their people. This has a direct impact on talent retention and retraining. Glickon’s solutions can help ensure you’re giving your employees the learning experience they deserve.

Our solutions

Identify areas of growth at a glance with our Skill Mapping AI tool.
Create engaging and entertaining learning experiences
Encourage internal mobility by  giving your talents growth opportunities
Improve team performance with newly acquired skills
Keep your employees engaged with the help of gamification
Increase employee  wellbeing and retention
Marta Signore @Koelliker
HR Director
Glickon helped us develop valuable experiences for everyone in our company. They are the perfect partner in our group’s digitalization journey.

Encourage training & development for your teams to improve brand performance

Take care of your people

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